Religious Lawyers I

In putting forward what I'm claiming as my gospel which is from THE Gospel I feel I have to qualify it against what has been taught by those I call more religious lawyers and not Ministers of the Grace and Faith I talk about.   One of the main things I see missing in this age of passive aggression is a lack of discernment and frank admittance of who we don't jibe with and why.  St.Paul talked about giving the right hand of fellowship and I see nothing wrong with affirming that for ourselves when we are stating our precious faith. For instance the other morning a couple of Baptist missionaries knocked at my door. There would have been a time when I would have engaged them in some dialogue, but based on their particular brand of faith I felt in unwise of myself. Why you may ask. Well unlike say a Pentecostal they would have been reluctant to pray with me to start the inquiry I feel, not knowing where I "Stand" first. Secondly their sect appeals to more of a mental attainment of faith rather than a heart level in my puny estimation 

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Tech Can Suck

Hasan, "temporary sub" over at the Daily show for a week get's with a Tech Guru, who has to admit Tech actually Sucks right Now!  See You're Not Alone! 

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Is the Future Really Better?

I've been in Tech for Quite a while.. and there has been some amazing developments, and well uh.. some setbacks... but one thing I can tell you is the Past was actually way cooler, so why we all trying to go forward so bad, you may want to ask yourself. 

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Cleaning Up Our Attention

I've been following Mr.Tolle for a few years now, and impressed at his message of "slowing down" and paying more attention, at the very least. While this is good, he has some helpful advice to also clean up our attention here, and be on the look out for what's toxic there. 

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While Star Wars drones on...

There is some entertainment that is nice to look at and makes you think about your existence a bit more... the show "Foundation" on Apple Plus is an adapted series from the amazing mind of the late Isaac Asimov, and it packs a punch. Get ready for the 3rd Season this summer some time... and while you're over at A+, if you haven't checked out the feel good "Ted Lasso," you'd better. We all need some spark in our steps these days, don't we? 

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