Kempster Consult
Computers & Devices Price
Residential Remote Support US$50/hr
Residential Windows and Google/Android US$60/hr
Residential Apple/Mac US$75/hr
Business Remote Support US$85/hr
Business On-site US$95/hr (+ 30 min travel anywhere in the valley)
Build Website & Adwords Support or Fix INTRO PHOENIX RATE $75/hr
**Over 30 Easy to Use Sites built since 2012**


NEED HELP WITH:    Slowness    |   Not Working  | Buying New or Replacement | Direction with Websites | Connections 


OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE:  I spent the good part of a decade or so advising individuals and businesses on efficiency with the latest tech offerings in Central Coast California & then in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Before that I was  A TECH Support Desk Specialist and Project Manager in Phoenix working for Verizon, Charles Schwab, and a few others.  I was a trainer, a broker, a tech guru, and project manager and more. .. 


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BUSINESS & LIFE BALANCE MISSION -    I've spent many years enjoying and being frustrated with Tech: helping myself, friends, and people in the Business community get the most from what's there.  In recent years though like many others I've had to seriously step back and ask what's going on, and where are we truly going with all our conveniences and gadgets.  Life, people, and the human spirit should not be moved aside for what some call supposedly progress.  We must reflect, and seriously look at what we're doing and not, while we "make our lives better."  Who and what is missing out? What chances are we missing by simply not waiting and giving some space to things, desires, and others to contribute to the soul of our lives and workplace?