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Published on 7 September 2023 at 17:14

In this Clip Dustin Hoffman play's Jesus to Joan of Arc at the end of her life as she's about to be hanged

> A very profound clip indeed, and very representative of what many people do. The Scrips say many False Christs have gone into the world and this is one of the primary ways in our days.  In previous times it was gurus and outside personalities, in our age it is the petty god of self.  The books Selling Spirituality and McMcMindfulness chronicle how big business and government learned to get us all focused on ourselves enough so we wouldn't notice what fuckery they were up to.  It's a brilliant strategy right from the pit of hell itself.  Mostly because it hijacks the Prophet Jerry's revelation about us not needing anyone else, but that we would all be taught by God personally.  It also makes sense this would come right before the very end of time itself, the 8th Inning of Humanity as it were. 


This Year I've also been trying to muddle through another Author largely putting words in God's mouth too, with snippets of various people in evangelistic and missionary setting apparently hearing from God and running out to the "battle-front" of souls.  And it's not that I don't completely disbelieve that they are actually doing "God's work," but more the part of how convenient it falls into various corporate and political agendas on a larger scale. It's no secret these days with books like the Economic hitman that came out in the 1990's that much missionary work has been used as intel for hostile take overs for various place. Why else would "charities" like Compassion International get hundreds of millions of government assistance if they weren't providing a crucial resource, not to speak of the CEO of that company salaried at 1.5 million a year.  That's hardly the Christ story, and more the Constantine narrative of the church in bed with nefarious dealings.  Should it come as any surprise then that one of it's first architects in the modern age was none other than Billy Graham with Richard Nixon. 


And in case you think Christianity is the only compromised entity, look again. Mk-Ultra leader turned religious guru created the Course of Miracles program where everybody can have their, as Depeche Mode said, Personal Jesus. But again, the fact of a personal relationship is not in question here, but rather what constitutes it.  In many churches it's merely another mechanism to affirm and enforce religious culture.  Course uses it to bolster a type of new age therapist network of monetary or at least ego gain.  The Unity and Science of Mind churches also use this network heavily for what they call personal empowerment, but how empowered are people actually getting, apart for a select few?


My mother and hers before her had a common saying, "the proof is in the pudding." These false Christs are such because their character is out of whack.  So much within new age circles reals of narcissism, and the Christian kind hides behind scriptures and holy jargon.  God told me, Jesus wants me to...   but where is the discernment of spirits that St.Paul suggests?  Of course the Apostate and Heretical church will use it as much as they can to gain the glory, monetary, and creature comforts. What about those that want to really hear His voice, and why doesn't God do more about those who are speaking in "His Name" like this.. is this what it truly means to take His Name in Vain?   


We are told to always look at the fruit, both the immediate and the long term, in this respect we can see more if it meets up with the Character and person of Christ.  A certain behavioral description of Love is needed too, so that we're not asking "Is this Right?" but is this Loving?  I for instance have had degrees of relationship with a lady which in it's history has been fraught with difficulty, and really have had to sort through am I really following Christ on this one, and is she so obviously NOT following him through her understanding of Love?  At this point I feel we've both been as wrong as the other, and as right. She still doesn't feel that Christ is a thing, and looks to be right in that he didn't come to be worshiped as such. In fact I've seen that worship of Him can get in the way of doing what he asks.  He did as He saw the Father, and as such, we Do, as we seeing Him doing in Humanity.  This means that what many have formerly called His Word, the Bible, got it wrong. It's like mistaking the sign for the destination.  


So what do We see him doing in humanity at this time, well that does start with the personal. What is He doing in and with you?

Are you in a church? trying to practice your faith and spirituality in your job with friends, in community?  Are you studying something, creating, relating, refining, being?   These look to actually be more of the what these days, but they are not just for you? 

Keep this in mind, like in the Epistles when the writer tells us to always remember the poor, and of course, this is not just the poor of material means, but also poor in spirit.  In this way many people who have "Stuff" are poor in spirit, but as corporate extraction increases, the means will also decline drastically too.. and this will put many more into a further spiral, so we must be aware of when that's happening that Christ/Love is always near-by, to them and us, and with us. 


In the same way, as many are leaving the Apostate churches as they should, they will be looking for communion and fellowship, we should be awake to this and be ready to encourage and exhort. We should also be ever so careful of only seeing what we what to as well, because we are not exempt from blocks like that. The key is how close are we to Our Christ, Our Truth as He has revealed it to us. We also do need to see that we are still part of the larger collective, it's just that may look different than we had thought.  I've seen a remnant of authentic believers in almost all Christian denominations, but I've also seen a lot of truth and love seekers in the New Age and Buddhist communities that frankly would put many who call themselves Christians to shame.  Many times they merely call themselves Light Workers or give head in their minds as Christ as just a great teacher.   I will  also say that these souls seem to have more regard for Our Lord and His words than many of us Christians, which is very humbling.  I see this as an extension though of St.Peter's Vision and the Apostle John when he talks about those who Walk in Love are Children of God. 

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